How we love coupons

Weather 83 degrees with 1,000% humidity

Site Q- Hercules

Warm up- round O merry and then 10 right to the pain.

The Thang- Eight stations with the pax paired up at each station. After each station was completed by the 2 man team, ran approx a 400 yard run was completed back to your station. Plank till the 6 was in then rotate stations.

Station 1- 55 gal empty barrel that needed to be pushed up and back down sniper hill as a team.  Then 10 push up claps. Run

Station 2- Water pipe carry up sniper hill while other person did 10 Burpees. Switch. Run (RIP one water pipe, thanks Pappa)

Station 3- team keg push ups 15 reps. This was an incline push up facing your partner alternating sides as you came down so you didn’t knock skulls. Then the team each grabbed a handle of the keg and did a walking lunge for 10 without letting the keg touch the ground. Run

Station 4- Bear crawl up the grass hill while your partner did 15 Carolina Dry Docks. Switch.  Run

Station 5- 6×6 block pass. Team back to back twisting to pass the block to each other for 15 then passing the block over head to your partner for 10. Run

Station 6- Tug boat team Squat for 15. Team holds the rope tight and squats without the rope touching the ground. Then big boy sit up clapping at the top with team mate. Run

Station 7- Tower run to second floor and around the deck back down the stairs while team mate did dips for 15. Switch. Run

Station 8- 6×6 squat (one in each hand) for 15 and then 10 incline push up while partner was planking. Then switch. Run.

This brought up right to 0600.

Unfortunately I had my phone on photo mode not video so I’m sorry for the pax members I did not list and the prayer requests and praises.  But we had 17 total pax in attendance, which is awesome.

Please also lift up all the prayer requests and praises that were brought up during the circle of trust.

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  1. Very sorry about the broken pvc sono tube! Hit the pavement wrong. I am told it is going in the Condenser fix it shop, AKA Action air. Apologies to sniper and appreciate condenser for the rehab program.

  2. Thank you Hercules for leading a great workout. Awesome job!! And thank you to Papa Smurf for sticking with me today!!

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