That’s Why We Call It the Echo Chamber

Weather: 82 degrees, stupid humid, with a brief rain shower around 5.45

QIC: Manziel

Pax: Bambi, Big Mac, Bing, Crabcakes, Deep Dish, Lambeau, Lancelot, Manziel, Pincher, Ripken, ShamWow, Sniper, Thor, Trump

Fun fact: It’s the first day of school today! What’s that got to do with today’s beatdown? Absolutely nothing.

At 5.15, the core principles, disclaimer, and something resembling the mission of F3 were recited to the pax. Those formalities over, it was time for a mozi with butt kickers, high knees, nur and carioca x2. It was then off to the Echo Chamber with a COP with SSH, windmills, hillbilly walkers and shoulder taps, all IC.

After Bing’s little girly-man board of pain appeared on Saturday, it was time to bring out a real, man-sized board of pain, which is exactly what happened. The program was a re-rack of a prior board of pain beatdown, but it sucked enough the first time that it was worth repeating in even more miserable conditions. You all know the drill by now – do the first two exercises on the board, run a lap around the parking lot, come back and do the first 2 and the next 2, run another lap, and keep adding on until the entire board (10 exercises total) was complete. The exercises were:

  • 50 LBCs
  • 50 Mountain climbers
  • 40 Overhead claps
  • 40 Plank jacks
  • 30 Merkins
  • 30 Salsa dips
  • 20 Carolina drydocks
  • 20 Freddie Mercury
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Captain Thors

The beatdown itself was pretty typical, but it became apparent very quickly that several pax spent the weekend resisting the temptation of skinless chicken and vegetables and ate some things that are, um, juicier. My guess is that the LWR Skyline Chili had a record weekend, and I didn’t even show up for it. As Dredd once said, you can’t out-king your queen, but your queen can make everyone around you miserable (quote may be embellished). You can imagine the mumble chatter that this generated, and it’s probably better that our 2.0s were fartsacking in preparation for school instead of hearing it all. Oh, who am I kidding, they already know what goes on here.

Most finished a few minutes early, and just kept busy until 6.00 arrived.


  • Clearwater Launch, Saturday 9/7. Exact location TBD. Looking for a few experienced pax to head up there and show the new crowd how it’s done. Bonus points to anyone who can EH Tom Cruise. OK, on 2nd thought….
  • Ronald McDonald House, Monday 9/9

Praises & Prayers:

  • Ripken’s father in law for a successful surgery
  • 2.0s, teachers & parents with the start of school
  • Police, firefighters, troops & first responders