How Flashdance got his name

12 Men set out this morning for my 3 year anniversary!!!

My brother in law and I showed up for a brutal beating call Old Glory.

Wow what a great ride in the F3 Nation.

The Thang


circle up for 10 seconds for explanation of OG.

Start 10 laps of running around the loop

Start our own personal loops of 25 merkins run to the next corner, 25 jump squats run to the next corner than 25 LBCs run to the next corner finally run to the 4th corner for plank jacks for 25 more.  We ran this for 25 minutes to complete as many laps as you can push yourself to.  With 15 minutes left we ran 9 more loops and stop on the final to line up and run Indian People run for the last lap.  If you finish early before the final lap we suggested doing all 4 corner exercises again!!

This Q the OG was my FNG day and it about killed me.   I honestly had to take a week off I was so sore my entire body hurt.  But toady I crushed it just behind Clutch!!! FYI Clutch is sneaky fast, just sayin.

I am truly grateful for the suncoast PAX and all the joking and laughter this AM.

Have a blessed day boys!!!

see you all in the Gloom….