“Easy Beatdown”


79 dagrees and humid under a clear sky!


We circled the parking lot twice and performed the usual, high knees,buttkickers, Nur and kerioke.

Warm up

We headed over to the tennis courts to circle up and warm up.  SSH,Huggers, Imperial Walkers, Strawberry pickers, windmills and finally bad back stretches.

The Thang

Dora was the pick of the day.  One partner ran from end of the parking lot to the other end (95 yards)and before turning around and coming back had to do 10 monkey humpers. Then back to the other end to relieve your partner from the following exercises:

100 Burpees

200 LBCs

200 American Hammers

100 Carolina Drydocks

We finished the Dora w 4 minutes left and found a round of Mary’s

Shawow rope climbs

Banjo super man thing

Moroccan night clubs,and flutter kicks.. can’t remember who


FNG TJ Goelz (TommyJohn) Welcome


Pray for all the Pax who have teenagers 13-17.

Hurricane Flo victims

F3 Suncoast