Hindenburg BLIMPS

Weather – It’s Florida.

6 HIM rose early from the fartsack for a pre-run including a new routine of going postal at the end of the run, which includes hill repeats at the post office (hey, it’s the ONLY hill in running distance that gave us a whopping 82 ft elevation gain).  Launch time of 4:15a to complete 5.5 miles in total. Solid effort FIAB, Deep Dish, Gridlock, Defib, and Ripken.

Upon arrival back to the AO, the parking lot was filling up quickly with the usual crew plus ANOTHER DR Pax. Welcome back Mad Dog and welcome FIAB!

Disclaimer shared along with the 5 core principles and it was time to get beat!

Mozy for 2 laps including NUR, Karaoke x2, High Knees, and Butt Kickers to end in COP.

  • SSH x40 IC
  • LBCs x20 IC (scared we were going to 50 again, eh?)
  • Wheezy Jeffersons x10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x10 IC
  • Plank and 6-inches
  • Peter Parkers x10 IC

It was time to unleash THE THANG!  After a short mozy over to the basketball courts (4 courts in total), the description was shared.  Pax, meet the Hindenburg BLIMPS.  Yes, we have done BLIMPS in the past, but this had a fun new twist.  Starting at the first corner of the courts, we would perform 1 exercise, sprint to the second corner and repeat the same exercise, doing this for all 4 corners of the court (or should I say COURTS because we covered all 4 basketball courts).  Once back to the starting point, plank up for the six.  We repeated this for all exercises included in the BLIMPS with the following count:

  • 10 Burpees (40 in total)
  • 20 Lunges (80 in total)
  • 30 Imperial Walkers (counting on one leg, so it was really 60 x4 = 240)
  • 40 Merkins (160 in total)
  • 50 Plank Jacks (200 in total)
  • 60 Squats (240 in total)

The mumble chatter truly elevated as we started the Merkins portion but silenced to a moan as we battled through the 240 squats as time came to a close.  No question that Ripken did the right thing by leaving the beatdown after completing his Imperial Walkers.  His excuse was kid duty, but we all know it’s cause he was scared of what was to come.  DeFib had to bolt directly after the pre-run, but how can you fault a guy for posting at 4:15a to run 5.5 miles and then go lead a bible study.  A true HIM amongst us.

We dragged our dead legs over to COT to end right at 6am, and not a second to soon.

 No question that the Pax will feel that beatdown through-out the day today, and likely tomorrow, but that is no excuse to fartsack!  The Hindenburg burn is real gents!


  • June 1 launch of St. Pete
  • Tonight is first official launch date of downtown evening AO – Coop led.  6:15p at Unconditional Surrender statue/Marina Jacks
  • May 10 – First responder breakfast at Adventure Park.  HC now
  • May 25 – Sup n Run – let’s stay in first place as a team gents!


  • For Sniper’s friends and staying strong in their marriage
  • Praise for a great meeting by Recall and his M representing Jake
  • First Responders
  • Sick and injured Pax

It is always an honor to lead this great group of men.  I admire and appreciate each and every one of you!  And FYI, I thought about taking the elevator at work today but pushed through that one flight of stairs!

~Bing out!


F3 Suncoast