Ft. Hamer Run Crew

weather- nice cool 68, nice breeze, fine mist. you’d know if you came!

5:15am- with Gridlock n DeFib still MIA on a pre run we commenced with the 5 core principals.

5:16am- take off! Bing, FIAB, Deep Dish, Lancelot n Goob headed out to roll into Waterlefe for their 6miler. Rowdy did Bridge Repeats with 10 Burpees at each end for a 4.27miler (woulda been more if not for a poop break!). On 1st return Rowdy crossed paths with Gridlock n DeFib who were going for half a marathon! Lambeau did Bridge Repeats and blazed his own trail for an unidentified mileage.

6:00ish am-COT-Count’O’Rama-Name’O’Rama
Announcements- Sup N Run, Ragnar, Bing n Rowdy on C-Spans podcast “The Round Table” tomorrow!
Praise Reports- Bing praised Rowdy for his spiritual transformation, Rowdy sent it all upstairs but admittedly blushed a good bit.
Prayer Requests- FIAB needs reconciliation with family, Goob needs clarity in his job search, Bings daughter needs a spiritual recharge, Rowdy needs words for tomorrow and future presentations. All 1st Responders and Military, especially Sniper, Zeus n Hercules! All traveling and injured pax.

I think that’s all but if I forgot anything please don’t be mad…been a long 14hrs since! Rowdy out. F3. Respect

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  1. Not a big deal, however, though not as fast, I was with Defib at 3:44am, I ran 13.5 miles as well. Great run. Thanks guys. See ya at the tower.

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