Ft. Hamer Run Crew

weather- too beautiful to talk about aka you know if you show!

5 cold souls in desperate need of warming embarked on various run distances at varying paces. Bing, Deep Dish, Rowdy n Lancelot headed into Waterlefe after the bridge. Lancelot, who it should be noted showed up early to pre run by himself!, did his own path through Waterlefe n back heading further North past the park. Bing n Deep Dish were polite and stayed in pace with Rowdy and we banged out 6 miles at a fellowship pace of 9min. Lambeau blazed his own trail for an undisclosed distance or pace. As nice as the weather was it couldn’t compare to the fellowship shared by all. You shoulda been there!

Prayer Requests- Rowdy needs prayer for everything!, Lambeau needs his son to find some fire, Bings family prayer plan is working and we want continued spiritual uplifting and as always all our traveling and injured pax as well as our brave 1st responders and military all over the world with a special consideration to our big 3 Sniper, Zeus n Hercules.

Rowdy out. F3. Respect