Fathering Like the Father | Week 1

Week 1 | Introduction

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This week 8 Pax met at Adventure Park to start our latest book study: Fathering Like the Father. There was no reading assignment. Just fellowship, introductions and sharing some stories of our fathers and our own fatherhood.


Thank you everyone that was able to make it. If you were unable to attend, no worries, just come on out next Saturday morning. There was no reading assignment this past week, so you did not miss anything.
For those of you that do not have the book yet, try and get yourself a copy. It is available at Barnes and Noble (online), or Amazon. Alternatively, if you have a library card, it is available for free through the Hoopla service.
I have included this week’s reading assignment so you can all get started reading it before your book’s arrive. Try and get the reading assignment completed by Wednesday. This way you can use the last couple of days before we meet on Saturday to think about the discussion questions, and more importantly have the Father / Child Dialogue with your children.

Homework for 6/22

Thoughts for the week:

  • Can you think of any other times in the Bible when God dealt humorously with his children?
  • How might you interject some joy and humor into the training and discipline of your children?
  • Why did Jacob’s family have so little joy?
  • What are some specific ways you play and laugh with your children?