F3 Suncoast Cycling

Weather – Mid to upper 70s and a tad humid, but who cares, it’s BIKE TUESDAY!!!

Trump, Pincher and YHC met at the Pincher Combine and headed over to Wawa to be greeted by a grinning JuCo and shortly after by Sniper.  Manziel rolled into the lot as we were getting ready to roll (was he late?  Should we have applied burpee penalties?  Heck no, not on Bike Tuesday.  Off we went.  Unfortunately Manziel thought better than to jump into oncoming traffic and got separated from the group early on, but then texted something about going to drink margaritas in Key West.  I think he must’ve taken a seriously wrong turn this morning.

Pincher, JuCo and Sniper crushed the pace early on while YHC considered going back for Manziel.  Glad I didn’t, or maybe I would have saved him from his early morning margarita drinking issues?  I digress.

In typical F3 fashion, the leaders circled back to pick up the less than fast riders, which was a welcome site as Pincher and I locked in and pushed my limits greatly.  Not only did the pace pick up nicely, I learned a great deal from my cycling mentor, Pincher. Flatten the foot, pull and push equally, and try those aero bars..and boy did I ever.  Loved getting the confidence tucking down into the aero bars.  Almost like I got a whole new bike again today!  Thanks Pincher!!

JuCo and Sniper headed straight back while Pincher, Trump and YHC completed the full 20+ miles.

Until next Tuesday gloom ~ Bing Out

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  1. Keep working Bing and I’ll be drafting your wheel soon enough. Well done today brother!

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