Ruck U!

A bad day Rucking, beats a good day working…actually it beats about every other day for that matter.

The opening soliloquy was short and to the point.  Ruck U is in session, and Ripken is the professor.  Shut up and sit down, no questions, just do as you’re told and no one has to get hurt.  Four volunteers grab the Four Rucks ranging from 40# to 20#, and the group of 13 mozied to the back of the tower.  Dropping the Rucks for walking step-ups on the turf steps, Derken walks and jump up/downs.  We Rucked Up to the tower stairs.  Mr. Clean almost decided to smoke a cigarette, but decided to stay clean.

At the stairs Ripken held the first ever known to mankind time-trial on the tower.  SNN news was invited to cover this momentous event, but declined as they were afraid we would EH the cameraman.  The fittest of the Pax did the tower in 35 seconds (without Rucking), with the others coming in under 43-44 seconds.  We decided that a more official timing and a repeat of this every 6-8 weeks would be a good drill.  At the top, we did 50 pull ups on the side and just enough Richard Simmons to keep our gaydars calibrated, but did no Rucking; however, there was some dirty talk.

At the bottom of the stairs, four guys Rucked while the others ran ahead of them.  “Nothing to see hear” was heard as a passerby looked at the four quizzically.  Continuing to the road and down the sidewalk a bit, a set of pain was unveiled.

  • 2 Super Burpees
  • 3 Get ups
  • 5 Around the World Jumps
  • 8 American Hammers
  • 10 Cup Jumps (jumping over a cup, duh!)
  • Sprint to the top of the hill while Rucking.  (Much harder than chewing gum and walking)
  • Rinse and repeat (without the usual nap and 1 hour wait)

Out of breath, sweaty, a bit tired with a sore lower back…this was like no Ruck any of us had since college. Matter of fact, we were surprised that Six Pack lasted more than 2 minutes.  Chili Pepper was screaming something in Spanish.  No one really knew what he was saying, but Bing’s name kept coming up. Big Mac was so sweaty, Scuba helped him get the Ruck Off.

For the climatic ending, we did a few sprints, Merkins and some Dips.  All in all, the Pax graduated from Ruck U and were given gift certificates to eat at Pho U. Clutch said the clams are especially good there.

The COT reminded us how big God is, that he answers prayers and when He doesn’t, we still have to trust His plan.