Dirty McDeuce

Weather: Amazing, breezy, cool breeze…wait, where did the breeze go? But that sunrise!

QIC: Bing

Pax: Bing, #Law, Tar Heel, Ozzy, Daniel-san, Smudge, Birdhole

YHC intentionally arrived at the AO early to take in what is always an amazing sunrise, something you don’t get to see in the Suncoast often being on the west side of the state.  The pax arrived, disclaimer and core principles shared, and we took off for a mozi along the beach path.  Mozi included high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle x2, toy soldiers, NUR and carioca x2.  On the way out, we stopped and did the following:

  1. SSH x20 IC
  2. Strawberry Pickers x10 IC

The mozi ended back around the flags for the following:

  1. Merkins x10 IC
  2. Plank Series (right arm high, left arm, 6-inches)
  3. Probably a few other things but I can’t remember

The Thang

It was time to introduce the pax to the Dirty McDeuce. This includes 12 different exercises, all done in cadence in 12 reps.  After a series of 3 exercises, the Pax would run a lap around the parking lot.  The exercises included Arms/Shoulders, Legs and then Abs.  They were as follows:

  1. Carolina Dry Docks/Squats/American Hammers – Run
  2. Merkins/Lunges/LBCs – Run
  3. Diamond Merkins/Monkey Humpers/Hello Dolly – Run
  4. Burpees/Sumo Squats/Dying Cock Roaches  – Run

After the pax absolutely nailed round 1, it was time to rinse and repeat, this time with the pax all sharing the duty of the cadence count.  All of the newer pax took turns counting in cadence, and all did a great job!

With 5 minutes remaining – it was time for an Ab lab, all ab exercises and all done in cadence – again, the pax did a great job here.  LBCs, Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercury, LBCsx2 and Hello Dolly were called.

Name-o-rama and COT ensued.


  • Ronald McDonald house on 9/2
  • Clearwater Launch in September, date and location to be announced


  • Gator’s recovery
  • Other spoken prayers
  • First responders
  • Smudge’s Step-Mom
  • YHC’s friends in Fort Mill, SC now starting life without a father
  • Injured pax
  • Traveling pax

It was great to see everyone step out of their comfort zone and cadence count today.  The Clearwater contingents were all pushed to start Q’ing so they are more experienced as they begin to pick dates for their AO launch.  #Law will get with Peach Fuzz and make sure there is plenty of Q’ing done the remainder of this month.

A great morning was had. The pax did a great job picking up the six and stepping out of their comfort zone.  It was great to be around these HIM this gloom.


~Bing Out