Christmas Eve Eve At Greenbrook

Even Santa needs F3

With Santa attending the mood of the Pax was jolly and full of the Christmas Spirit.  A 3 circle Mosey and we were ready to open some Christmas presents.

The warm-up
20 Side straddle hops
Moroccan night clubs
wind mills (hamstring puller)
p90 arms
Bad back stretches
The Thang
Time to go on a sidewalk run grinder,
every corner we stopped to HoHoHo
25 Merkins 1/2 wide 1/2 Reg 
25 Basketball air squats
25 Lbc’s
on to next corner
25 shoulder taps
25 burpees (ouch)
25 hammers
Back on path  to parking lot for 1 minute line touch drill starting at 5 and seeing how many we can get to... Pax tired around 11!!!  
Back to the sidewalk Grinder(Grincher) where we did 30 of each instead of 25.
Then back to the parking lot for some football 20 
yard sprints or 25 yard sprints if u missed the count.... Santa
We wrapped up with a short Round of Mary’s where Olympus and Fin tried to finnish us off.
The Circle of Trust we asked and thanked God for a Blessed Christmas.....