12 days of Christmas at Lions Pride

With Christmas only 2 days away, there was no better way to pre-burn some Christmas Calories than to take on the 12 days of Christmas Challenge.  After a longer than expected mosey around the hill, the Pax joined up to execute the following exercises – with 25 reps or 25 count of each:

  1. Partridge Balls to the Wall
  2. Turtle Dove Squats
  3. French Hen Dips
  4. Calling Bird Burpees
  5. Golden Rings of Bear Crawl
  6. Geese Flutter Kicking
  7. Swans Star Jumping
  8. Maids Merkining
  9. Ladies Lunging
  10. Lords Leapings
  11. Pipers Plank Tapping
  12. Drummers Dipping

Each exercise set would be executed, followed by a run up the trail along side of Mother Hill.

Midway through the list we were joined by a fellow who had just completed 5 miles of running on the hill.  He really enjoyed the core workout and walked away with an F3 card in his hand.  Hope he comes back soon!

The Pax of F3 Lakewood Ranch have been one of the best gifts I’ve received this year.  And for this, I thank each and every one of you!  Have a Very Merry Christmas and a blessed weekend with the family!