On a starry morning, Five pax showed while others fartsacked the morning away. It was a basketball-themed morning…BYOB – bring your own basketball.  Just for fun, Ripken sneaked a few medicine “basketballs” into the rotation.

We mozied to the court and proceeded to warm up using our balls.  We did walking planks on them, moving merkins on them, and a many pushjacks.  Needless to say, we were a bit lightheaded from that.

For the 1st quarter, we traveled to all eight goals.  If you made your shot, you owed only 10 merkins.  If you missed, add 3 burpees to that.  80 merkins and a few burpees later, we went to the 2nd quarter. During this quarter, we did suicides across two full courts, running with the balls overhead and getups at each line.  You could hear shoulders screaming if you listened closely.

The second half consisted of four exercises in rotation (knee bows, pull ups, merkins with weight front raise, and overhead ball squats) while the 5th person ran the court and shot a basket.  Misses caused 5 burpees for all.

The 4th quarter had us racing to catch a ball that was thrown before it hit the fence.  The non-racers did side straddle hops and Moroccan night clubs.

For those in the fartsack, you missed an absolutely gorgeous morning, some good laughs, sweat and devotion.  I can’t think of a better way to start a morning, nor a better group of guys to start it with.  That extra 30 minutes of sleep you’re getting isn’t worth it compared to what you’re missing.  Test me, I dare you.

Lots of prayers for Christ this Christmas and for a safe new year.  See you in the gloom soon.