Bruce Lee Visits Nolan

Weather: 65 and clear stars in the sky!

2 Pax met nice and early for a bit of a pre-run, somewhat selfishly as YHC knew that the Weinke called for a lot of laying around, sort of.

After the disclaimer was shared, and the Pax took off for the usual mosey including butt kickers, high knees, Nur, and Karaoke x2.  The mosey was shorter than usual cause YHC was still winded from the pre-run.  COP included:

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x30 IC
  • Abe Vigoda x10 IC
  • Al Gore x3 for a 10 second hold/tree hug

The Thang:

It was shared that the pax of Lutz, FL has taken on a Bruce Lee Challenge in the month of February, so it’s only right that we join them, for one day at least.  With a specific focus on all abs, a Bruce Lee includes:

  1. Flutter Kicks x20
  2. Leg Raises x20
  3. Dying Cockroaches x20
  4. American Hammers x20
  5. LBCs x20
  6. Freddie Mercury x20

Each set was completed with 30 seconds of rest at the end of the 6 exercise set.  This was repeated 7 times.  The Pax was thrilled with this as evident with the amount of mumble chatter throughout.

With a few minutes remaining, it was time to head over to the tennis courts for some sprints and side shuffles.  The early arriving maintenance guy was kind enough to turn on the BRIGHT lights for us, which wasn’t entirely necessary as working out in the gloom has a special feeling.  First round of sprints included sprinting the entire sideline of the court and side shuffle across both court baselines (2 courts next to each other).  This was done 4 times.  We ended with 3x of figure 8’s with Sprint, side shuffle and Nur included.


  1. Ripken leading a recon mission to determine extent of a home/kitchen repair he might volunteer us for.  Recon is on Saturday
  2. Recon mission next Tuesday to check out a new AO to potentially replace the EchoChamber on Monday morning.  3 options exist.
  3. Read newsletter for the rest of the good stuff.
  4. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the #ManUpBayside challenge is to do something nice for someone.  Might as well do it for your M and 2.0 today!!


  1. Certain Pax dealing with marital issues and the stress of work travel
  2. Paige – Ripken’s Friend
  3. Greg – Jimmy Dean’s Friend
  4. All other unspoken prayers

Thank you for the opportunity to lead such a great group of guys.

Bing Out!