Breaking Banjo

The morning gloom was dry, however, after a week of rain, thanks to tropical storm Alberto, the air was muggy and filled with a few skeeters.  We had an early arrival of a FNG – Survivor, who has a great story about his name, so when you meet him, make sure you ask about it.

We started with F3 core principles and a full disclaimer, then the usual Mosi – high knees – butt kickers – north facing karaokes – south facing karaokes were all thrown in the mix.

Warmups consisted of: 20 SSH / 15 Imperial Walkers / 10 Abe Vigodas / 10 Hillbilly Walkers / 10 Strawberry Pickers

After a quick stroll to the tower, the buckaroos were broken up into 3 groups.  There were 3 stations set up in the park.  A thorough explanation and demonstration (where necessary) was given of all the exercises and modes of transport for each station.  Then we are on our way.  Group #1 went to Station #1, Group #2 went to Station #2 and Group #3 went to Station #3.  This had to be explained a couple of times.

3 Groups / 3 Stations

Station #1:  Working 9 to 5

Station #2:  Ab Duck to Bear

Station #3:  the Tower of Banjo


Station #1:  Working 9 to 5

  • Jump down to plank position perform
  • 9 – Leg Thrusts
  • 9 – Diamond Pushups
  • 9 – Mountain Climbers
  • Jump up to standing position
  • 9 – Knee Tucks

Repeat performing 8 of each exercise

Repeat performing 7 of each exercises

Repeat performing 6 of each exercises

Repeat performing 5 of each exercises

Run around the tower, rinse and repeat


Station #2 came with a free used pacifier, which quickly became the “if you don’t like these exercises, you can suck it” pacifier.

Station #2:  Ab Duck to Bear

Cone #1

  • 20 – Am. Hammers

Duck Walk to Cone #2

Cone #2

  • 20 – Am. Hammers
  • 20 – Flutter Kicks

Duck Walk to Cone #2

Cone #3

  • 20 – Am. Hammers
  • 20 – Flutter Kicks
  • 20 – Shoulder Taps

Duck Walk to Cone #2

Cone #4

  • 20 – Am. Hammers
  • 20 – Flutter Kicks
  • 20 – Shoulder Taps
  • 20 – Dancing Bears

Bear Crawl back to Cone #1


Station #3 provided lovely tunes from Dave Hum (RIP) tearing up some bluegrass and Celtic tunes on the 5 string banjo.  Is this what heaven is going to sound like?

Station #3:  Tower of Banjo

Run up the stairs to the 4th Level, complete:

  • 50 big boy Sit-ups with your feed (or your feet, whichever you chose) in the railings.

Run down the stairs to the bottom, complete:

  • 15 Freddy Mercurys
  • 15 Canoes   (canoes right after freddy mercurys in the tower of banjo??)
  • 15 Reverse Crunches
  • 15 LBC’s

Rinse and Repeat


To finish up the morning we proceeded to perform a round of 10 minute Ripken suicides.  10 suicides (using the cones from the Ab Duck to Bear workout), each suicide starting right on the minute.  The quicker you do the suicide, the longer you have to rest.

From the encouraging hollers among the brothers, this seemed to be everyone’s favorite.  Gridlock graciously explained that the definition of “anaerobic” is the absence of oxygen.  I believe this was because the virgin Q was desperately gasping for air, trying not to splash merlot.  However dangerously close we were, the good news is no one splashed merlot.

We ended in the usual Circle of Trust (COT), announcements, praises, prayer requests, ending prayer.

The pacifier was left behind.