Bing and Scrum Tag Team

Weather – 74 and little humidity.

With 1 FNG present, the disclaimer was shared and the 5 core principles were recited, and off we went for a mosey.  As the pax approached the bridge, it was time to warm up the shoulders a tad with some Merkins x10IC, Mountain Climbers x10IC, Peter Parkers x10IC and planking series, ending with an extended 6-inches and some mumble chatter and a possible crass comment or two.

As we approached the bridge, a sprint across the bridge was called for, ending in a circle just on the other side.  COP included:

  • SSH x30IC
  • Imperial Walkers x10IC
  • Windmills x10IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10IC

With the Ragnar race taking place in YHC’s old region today, and many Suncoast pax training for Ragnar in December, we partnered up and had a slight ragnar race of our own. Partner 1 ran the trail around the lake while Partner 2 did 20x Moroccan Night Clubs, 20x LBCs and 20x Squats, all in good form!  The competition was fierce but age won over experience as McNugget turned to a faster gear in the final straightaway, leaving Chili Pepper and YHC in the dust.

We then moseyed back over the bridge and lined up, in 2 lines, for 2 rounds of Inch Worm Bear Crawl.  Pax in the plank position with the last pax member bear crawling to the front of the line.

After a final mosey to the soccer fields, Scrum took over the Q for more glorious pain.

Pax lined up on the goal line of the soccer field for a quick Burpee ladder from 5 count with nur.  Pax members sprinted to cone line 20 yards out, then did a nur (backwards run) to return to the goal line.  Pax completed 5 burpees and repeated the cycle with reverse count of burpees to 0.

Following this, Pax formed a circle and did two rounds of Howling Monkeys.  All pax members assumed the upright monkey humper position.  Then, two pax members on either side of the circle performed 10 monkey humpers, while the rest of the pax remained in position.  Upon completion, the next pax member in clockwise rotation performed 10 repetitions.  This was repeated for two rounds, as the howling reached a crescendo.  Fortunately, no pax candidates happened to be nearby, as an EH would have been awkward from this position.

Finally, the pax engaged in a rotational work-out consisting of four stations, each located at the corners of the soccer field.  Each station had four exercises.  Pax divided into four groups and moved to each of the four stations.  Upon start, pax would complete the first exercise in the list and then run to the next station in a clockwise rotation.  Then, complete the first exercise of that station, and repeat through all four stations.  On second round, complete the second exercise.  Pace and cadence of each exercise was OYO.

Station 1:

  • x20 American Hammer
  • x20 LBC
  • x20 Freddy Mercury
  • x20 Hello Dolly

Station 2:

  • x20 SSH
  • x20 Lunges
  • x20 Calf Raises
  • x20 Al Gore

Station 3 (with Bricks on all exercises):

  • x20 Berkins
  • x20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • x20 Plank Punch
  • x20 The Swimmer

Station 4: 

  • x20 Shoulder Taps
  • x20 Peter Parker
  • x20 Imperial Walkers
  • x20 Mountain Climbers

After 20 minutes of sweating, pax returned to center of field for COT.


  • Rowdy:  From New Orleans, inspiring story about overcoming many obstacles.  Welcome.


  • Newsletter:  Look for a new one coming out.
  • Care2Tri Run:  Nov 3rd, benefits disabled athletes.  Zeus and many members of our pax are participating.
  • Farm Bureau, Skeet Shooting Benefit.  Also on Nov 3rd.  See Sniper for details.
  • Gator Wilderness:  Next weekend (Oct 12-14th).  Retreat with 2.0’s.  Camping all weekend, with workouts, testimony, fellowship.  See Cotter for details.
  • Visiting F3 member Reborn will be leading our 7am work-out on Saturday, Oct 13th.
  • Triathlon with pool swim, 11 mile bike, 2 mile run in January.  Ideal for beginners.


  • Pincher:  His stepfather passed.  Pray for his mother.
  • Bing:  Pray for Brian, who stepped on a nail and injury has become septic.
  • Rebar:  Friend whose father passed unexpectedly and aftermath with business transition.
  • Tex:  Pray for friend, and missed opportunity for EH.