Basketball and Football

After restating the 5 Core Principals (with some difficulty), we (Sniper, Bing, Chili Pepper, Mr. Clean, Six Pack, Jimmy Dean) were led by Ripken through an array of wimpy exercises to prep old(er) bodies for the beatdown to come.  Toy Soldiers, Open Chest Jacks, Moroccan Night Clubs, and something else.

For Basketball and in honor of suicide prevention month (not sure what month that is), we headed to the basketball court for 3 sets of forward suicides (while partner did wide/normal/diamond merkins) and 3 sets of NUR suicides (partner still merkin-ing).

For Football, we acknowledged it is not how you start, but how you finish.  Therefore, we performed the “2 Minute Drill” five times.  This is two exercises (of the extreme max cardio variety) performed for 30 seconds each, then repeated (4×30 sec = 2 min for the math challenged).  Ripken graciously gave a 1 minute rest between sets.  Rock Climbers/Plank Punches, Over the Log/High Knee Punches, Hit the Floor/LBCs and another hard, but unrememberable exercise.

All parties agreed that Ripken was a gestapo and would be dealt with accordingly in the future.  We discussed the abilities that God has given us, decided to trust in the ones he didn’t and act for his kingdom anyway.  Today we got better, in lots of ways.

If you want to grow…pecs, glutes, abs and with God…get out of the fartsack and join us.