The Bermuda Triangle


The gloom found YHC pulling in to the F3 Lion Pride parking lot, to a crowd of vehicles. Unfortunately Fortunately, these weren’t all FNGs anxious for a beatdown, but, rather, parents dropping shorties off for their own non-F3 beatdown. After fumbling in the gloom to welcome replicants and or actual pax, the disclaimer was given and we moseyed to the CoP.


Mosey up the mountain to Skyfield where the following was executed, in cadence, OYO or, at times, just whirley-boyed:

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Windmill
  • Dancing Bear
  • Merkins
  • Leg Lifts
  • Flutter Kicks

The Thang

The Bermuda Triangle, AKA Potential Mysterious Disappearance of Pax, AKA PMDP


  • 25 Merkins @ Shovel Flag
  • Duck Walk to Tree 1
  • 25 LBCs @ Tree 1
  • Bear Crawl to Tree 2
  • 25 Squats @ Tree 2
  • Crab Walk to Shovel Flag

**Movement to next station did not occur until 6s were finished with each exercise**

Partner 7s Salute to Mother Hill (because all pax were hoping to pay their respects this beatdown)

7-1 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom

1-7 American Hammers at the top


Pax rounded up, completed Counterama, and Nameorama, and welcomed FNG James Beechy AKA MacGyver to the fold.

Much Candor was shared, including by Underdog, sharing that F3 Pax prioritize themselves thirdly, following SkyQ in first and family in second. It is important to identify areas we mistakenly put ourselves first and fall into a Problem. We are often our own obstacle.


  • Sledgehammer requested prayer for family concerns
  • Condenser requested prayer for his neighbor fighting cancer
  • Fuzzy Moto requested prayer for family concerns
  • Ragnar Team needs some more HC; Dec. 8-9; contact Ripkin for more info
  • Kotter is organizing a F3 GoRuck team for January/February; info coming soon.
  • Savage Race in a week; get your shirt orders in soon!
  • Ball of Man