And Then There Were 4

Good Morning F3 Suncoast! Waterfront, Paradise, and 67 degrees…perfect for a morning beatdown.

Thursday Morning. Unconditional Surrender in Sarasota. The temps are perfect at 67 degrees and the humidity is low for the Gloom. This should prove to be a great morning for the Gloom I have planned for the Pax.

Pre Run Warm Up: I arrive early and start my Pre Run Warm up as usual and get in less than 2 miles and take advantage of the benches along the run for some Merkins.

Opening Ceremony: 0515 and we are ready to go. We have no FNGs or PAX from out of town. We go over the 5 core principles, disclaimers, and what will take place today. We head to the bridge at a slow mosy allowing the body to warm up and keep the group together. We stop and stretch after .2 of a mile and get ankles, hamstrings, lower back, triceps, biceps, back and chest ready for activities.

Today I am going to take the opportunity to instruct, review and teach how to conduct Physical Training the U.S. Army way before the Thang. Being Prior service myself, U.S. Army to be exact, Infantry, yada, yada, yada I firmly know the correct way that exercises are to be conducted (the commands and the flow). Since F3 is born from a veteran of the U.S. Army, it follows the Army ways and who knows them better than a veteran Army Soldier who was a Drill Sergeant, Ranger, Airborne! and a few other things. So this morning we get motivated, we sound off and we knock them out.

PT Flow and Commands: Most of the exercise in the Army are a 4 count exercise (the exercise has a movement of 4 pieces for a single rep count upon completion) This can be announced but is not required and is optional.  Let’s begin…

  1. Q will sound off and give the Pax the exercise to be completed. The Side Straddle Hop!
  2. The Pax then repeats in a loud and thunderous voice the exercise. The Side Straddle Hop!  SIDE NOTE: If they do not sound off or members are not participating in this step the Q will again sound off with the exercise. The Side Straddle Hop!this meant to emphasize the exercise and get participation traction and everyone’s attention.
  3. The Q will next give the command Starting Position Move! Every exercise has a starting position so it is natural to get into that position prior to executing the exercise. Optional This is where the Q may announce prior to the Starting Position command  The Side Straddle Hop is a four count exercise! Starting Position Move!
  4. Next the Q will sound off with the command that the exercise will be conducted and led in cadence (with a count and rhythm determined by the Q) In Cadence!
  5. The Pax then repeats in a loud and thunderous voice In Cadence!  SIDE NOTE: If they do not sound off or members are not participating in this step the Q will again sound off with the exercise. In Cadence!this meant to emphasize the exercise and keep participation traction.
  6. The Last command given starts the Cadence and the exercise. Exercise!  At this point the exercise begins and the Q counts cadence with the Pax sounding off the Count number.
    1. Q: 1-2-3
    2. Pax: 1
    3. Q: 1-2-3
    4. Pax: 2
    5. And so on until the rep count number desired is reached.
  7. Inflection change in pitch in the voice of the Q is required on the last count to bring the exercise to a close. It is at this point the Pax must sound off with Halt! to bring the exercise to an end
    1. Q: 1-2-3
    2. Pax: 9
    3. Q: 1-2-3 (change in pitch during this count off)
    4. Pax: Halt!
  8. If the exercise ends in a position other than attention Recover! is the Command given to bring the group back to attention.

For tips on being the QIC or when you VQ out there check this page out for help.

CoP: The Pax took it to heart and did a great job of getting the workout started. The Circle of Pain was quick as all things should be that hurt. Besides we need to get Savage and that means moving.

  1. Side Straddle Hops 10 count (a 4 count exercise so the number was actually 20 when complete)
  2. Strawberry Pickers 10 count (QIC did Windmills instead, dropped and did 10 for the error in execution)
  3. Windmills 10 count

The Thang:  Here we go the course is will be the bridge this morning and this will take all 45 minutes to do, trust me because we leave no man behind and we wait on the 6!

We run from light to light and each one perform the activity then go every two lights. We travel half way across the bridge and the MOT was Double Time.

Exercises performed were:

  1. Inclined Merkins
  2. LBCs 20 Reps
  3. Lt Dan 20 Reps
  4. French Curls
  5. Yoga Sit Ups 20 Reps
  6. Dips 20 Reps

Now it is time to head back down the bridge so we double time 2 lights and then NUR back up one and repeat this down the bridge. At the bottom we Lunge walk, skip, and then Airborne Shuffle in. But wait, there’s more…at the end we sprint to the finish giving up everything we have left in the tank.

We finish with three minute of dynamic stretches to cool down and everyone is stronger in the end.


  • Grow Ruck is coming think about attending a function and take the challenge.
  • SRQ Vets Breakfast this Saturday, if you have never been, please support the Vets and try it…great Army chow! I will be volunteering from 8-12 with the M.
  • Get ready the season is here for 5K Races, Spartan, Go Rucks and all sorts of activities to continue strengthening the mind, body and fellowship in the Suncoast PAX

Praise and Prayers:

  • Pap Smurf’s family
  • Pax members in need and in pain
  • First Responders, LoF and our Military

Thanks again everyone for coming out this morning and remember, “If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on getting what you get, Embrace the Suck!! AROO!

Coop out