“Hamering one out” for the Road

Someone Pre-runned, came in to see how many cars pulled  w/ boat trailers or how many cars that have been branded by the “Bing Kool-Aid”.

66 ° – HUMID            Q: Lancelot                Pax:  Goob, Lambaugh, Jimmy Dean, & Sham Wow

 Happy to have the 5 come in and start the day with a “Wet & Wild” Run.

5 Quick Core principles cited as 5 Quick men set out for their own targeted goals.


Lancelot & Goob

set out on their 6 mile tour of the Land of the Lost, near- ending with relief for some “Savanna Smiles,  Good fellowship going at a nice conversation pace.

Jimmy Dean

ventured out on his own,… 2 miles stopping every 1/4 and completing 20 Merks,  20 LBCs,  20 Squats. When he got to a mile 10 Burpees and then repeated on the way back.

Lambaugh & ShamWow

had a nice run, Lambaugh able to increase his pace and happy in the direction his running endeavors are going.


Lance/Goob; running late, caused a minor delay for COT


Announcements: Clay Shoot, January 25th, Sniper        Bridge of Life Feb 15th  Gridlock         F3 GoRuck April 3rd       Men’s Night Bayside Jan 31st

Praises: to all those healthy to get out to the work outs in the recent weeks since the New Year

Prayers, –

Ripken and Trane’s M’s and their battle with cancer, as well to all frineds, family , and peers who are challenged with Cancer

To those researchers, Doctors, and etc, who are searching and doing their part to combat the Cancer Epidemic.

To those F3 battling mental & physical Issues and may they overcome them with our Lord Saviors Strength,

and As always a huge raising for our brave men and women in the Armed Forces as well as our First Responders.




F3Suncoast. Respect