And now, for something completely different

Weather: 75 degrees (give or take), clear and humid

The first Sunday of the NFL season dominated the conversation before the start of the beatdown, with the pax missing another great Aaron Rodgers comeback by going to bed early to prevent fartsacking. We had one FNG so the core principles and disclaimers were announced. We did a 2-lap mozi around the parking lot that included butt kickers, high knees, carioca and toy soldiers. The COP featured strawberry pickers, windmills, imperial walkers and back stretches.

YHC had promised a much different workout than his last Q, and explained that because the last one didn’t involve much running, we would run today. A lot. We would make 2 trips up and down the road into the Adventure Park (which is about half a mile each leg), stopping at the speed bumps to do a set of exercises. There are 5 speed bumps along the road, so the plan was to do 25 reps of each exercise at the first speed bump, 20 reps at the second one, 15 reps at the third one, 10 reps at the fourth one, 5 reps at the fifth one, and then another 25 reps at the end of the road. This gave us 100 reps of each exercise (#math). The exercises for the four legs were:

  1. Squats and merkins
  2. Carolina drydocks and Freddie Mercuries
  3. Moroccan nightclubs and shoulder taps
  4. LBCs and American hammers

Needless to say, that was fun. We had a few minutes left for a quick Round of Mary which featured Al Gores, Hello Dollys, Rosalitas, and Chili’s ridiculous burpee circle.

The beatdown must have been good because there was barely enough energy left to come up with a nickname for our FNG, but we finally got one for Cracker. Assist to Cigar City Brewing for the beer that inspired the name:


  1. Cookout at the Adventure Park on 10/20. Intended to be M and 2.0 friendly, as long as we don’t live up to the Echo Chamber name for the AO.
  2. F3 retreat at Gator Wilderness Camp (Work projects, camping, beatdown) – Oct 12-14 (organized by Kotter)
  3. Guest Q coming on Oct. 13 – and we all know how those tend to go
  4. Care 2 Tri, November 3

Prayers and praise reports were made, and it was time to get away from the mosquitoes.


F3 Suncoast