Airborne!! Tower Dora Workout

Good morning Sarasota, the Suncoast!! This morning was cool and breezy since the humidity seems to be largely absent and it is more Michigan and less Florida right now around here. YHC arrived early and hit the tower planting the cards on each level providing direction on the activities that await the Pax in just a short while. As per my personal standard I hit it and put a quick 1 mile under my running shoes and make it back to await the arrival of Pax.

As they trickled in slowly I thought today’s turn out might be a small group and then all of the sudden they were coming in hot. A total of 21 HIM showed up today for the Tower Doras and it made for an exciting start to the day for YHC.

After the 5 core principle were covered and I threw out my disclaimer we circled up and did some stretches (I believe in these before getting the motor running hard) and upon completion we Double Time away from the AO. As we move around I stop and sound off with exercises for the Pax to do. We start with 10 Merkins, double time and then 15 Flutter kicks, Double time some more and do 20 LBCs, double time and then 25 Sumo Squats. we get back to the AO and it is time for Thang so I direct everyone to the bottom of tower.

The Thang, “Airborne! Tower Doras”

I have placed Red and Blue paper, one of each color on each floor starting at “Ground”level all the way to the top of the tower. I explain to the Pax that the Red paper has an exercise on it that they are to complete and the Blue has an “Active Rest Position/activity” for while you wait. Here is how it works, we pair in to 2 man teams. Each exercise is a total of 100 reps, each man in the team is responsible for 50 reps and they can only be completed 10 reps at a time. Here is where the Blue cards come in to play. While the one HIM is completing his 10 reps of an exercise the other HIM performs the “Active Rest” This goes on back and forth until each HIM has done 5 sets of 10 reps hence, 50 reps equaling a total of 100 reps for the team. Once you have completed the exercise the team must sound off with a loud and energetic “Airborne!” before moving to the next floor. If they fail to do so as they travel the tower because they tire or lose mental focus on the tasks (intestinal fortitude here, FOCUS on the tasks) there is a 15 Burpee penalty per man. Luckily no one team forgets and the Darkness this morning was sent away as the sound of “Airborne” rang through the morning at NBP. Once you completed the six floors of Tower Dora you return straight to the bottom and Double Time around the base of the Tower until the 6 gets in.

The Red cards, Blue cards and Floors in order.

Lt Dan – Electric Chair – Ground Floor

Shoulder Tap Merkins – Plank Jacks – Bing Deck

Flutter Kicks – “PLF” Parachute Landing Fall – 3rd Floor

Bulgarian Ball Busters- Nancy Kerrigan – 4th Floor

Carolina Dry Docks – Overhead Hand Claps- 5th Floor

LBCs – Shawshank Redemption- Top Floor

As we complete the Doras we finish right at 0600 hrs and its time to finish up the morning with announcements, praises, prayers and COT.


  • Sup N Run on the 25th of May it is here Get’r Done if you haven’t
  • SRQ Vets 5 k Hike on the 25th of May, be there and support the troops here locally
  • St. Pete AO opens lets get some support to jump start the new location
  • New letter should be available later today if not very soon
  • Second F this coming Wednesday the 29th of May at Rusty Bucket
  • Ronald McDonald House charitable event upcoming

Praises and Prayer Requests:

  • Lots of praise this morning, Papa Smurf and his M, Thor and his tremendous dedication and Willpower in his continued effort at weight loss and a healthy and fit lifestyle, among others. My apologies guys if I forget to mention something.
  • Prayers for Scuba, Jimmy Deans friends, Goob and his new opportunity, Thor and his opportunity for a promotion, Other friends who are in need of healing as well. There are many and we ask for a quick and full recovery and healing for all.
  • All our injured and tired Pax member for a timely and healthy recovery
  • Tomorrows events and participants a safe and enjoyable day and race
  • A safe weekend for all as the long weekends can be filled with temptations like doughnuts, pastry’s, Lasagna, IPA’s and other good things that are bad for your waistline.
  • Safe travels for my M as she heads out of Denver later today and back home to me.
  • Our First Responders, Our Military to stay on point and be safe and protected
  • All the families out there that have family serving our great nation and those who have lost a loved one while protecting us here at home and abroad. They have made the greatest sacrifice of all.

At the end of it we did a Merkin each looking to equal the 22 as a reminder that the internal fight is out there for our brothers and sisters. There are better solutions and we have each others backs and we have time to listen. Reach out if you need to talk.

Off to Panera’s for some coffee and Second F to forget the beating and look forward to the day. Another great start to a fun filled weekend that lies ahead. Shy of jumping from the tower, which is the 3rd week of Jump School, these guys all have the heart and strength of a paratrooper to me and, it feels great being a part of the Pax, the F3 Suncoast. AIrborne!!


Coop out.