1-9-7-3 Redo

Weather: temp was 68F and dew point 65F. Yes, great weather, so let’s have fun and run and get beatdown a bit!

Pre-run: YHC failed to launch for the usual Nolan pre-run.  No word whether anyone ran pre-beatdown or not. Oh well, sometimes things happen.

Welcome: At exactly 0515, YHC mumbled the 5 Core Principles and a psuedo-disclaimer, then launched the pax into a quick 2-lap mosey that included high knees, nur, butt-kickers and toy soldiers (thank you, BigMac, for taking the helm so I could get the sound box up-and-running). Then, we were off to the basketball courts for CoP.

Circle of Pain (CoP):

  1. SSH, x46 IC
  2. Imperial Walkers, x15 IC
  3. LBCs, x46 OYO

The Thang: YHC’s birthday was May 20, but the specter of business travel forced me to book Wednesday, May 15th as a birthday beatdown. Unfortunately (or fortunately, you decide), only 8 pax posted that morning and, well, let’s just say YHC felt a bit of a let down given that the “birthday party” wasn’t as festive as YHC had hoped. So, here we are, repeating the 1-9-7-3 beatdown so more pax can “celebrate” 1973 and 46-years with me. You know, 46 doesn’t sound too bad, especially when it’s utilized throughout the beatdown. And, since 1973 was the year of YHC’s birth, 1-9-7-3 were somewhat “magic” numbers today.

To start, just so the pax could grasp the awe of 1973 music, YHC played “Little Willie” by The Sweet (#2 song on the charts in May of 1973). The only catch was to burpee on every mention of “willy”. All told, there are somewhere between 45 and 50-ish willies in the song. The pax got the point, and yes, 1973 was a great year — for bad songs —  and burpees galore.

The flow of the beatdown over was 1-9-7-3, of course. Four stations were setup in a baseball diamond type of layout covering the entire basketball court area. Station-one exercises were done once (i.e., “1”). Station-two exercises were done nine times. Station-three exercises were done seven times. Station-four exercises were done three times. Rinse and repeat for 5-rounds (May is the 5th month). Oh, and run the perimeter from station to station, wait for the 6 by running back-and-forth in the sprint station.

Stations, exercises, counts and rounds were as follows:

  • Round 1
    • Station 1: Sprint to cones at far end of courts, sprint back, 4 reverse lunges, 6 peter parkers
    • Station 2: Sumo squat jumps x 9
    • Station 3: burpees x 7
    • Station 4: Captain Thor x 3
  • Round 2
    • Sprint, 4 reverse lunges, 6 peter parkers
    • Dry Docks x9
    • Bobby Hurley x7
    • Captain Crunch x3
  • Round 3
    • Sprint, 4 reverse lunges, 6 peter parkers
    • Single leg calf raises, x9 each leg
    • Body Builders, x7
    • Walk-out Merkins (x3), x3
  • Round 4
    • Sprint, 4 reverse lunges, 6 peter parkers
    • Single-leg Scorpion, x9 each leg
    • Get-ups, x7 each side
    • Travel Taps, (x3 each side), x3
  • Round 5
    • Sprint, 4 reverse lunges, 6 peter parkers
    • Moonshiners (Dry Docks x2 and Mule Kick x1), x9
    • Mer-Boy (Merkin followed by Bigboy situp), x7
    • Bear Crawls, x3 (out and back and out)

All the while, the sound box played top songs from May 1973! Yes, some were good, but most were bad! Also, welcome to FNG, Kodak!

Well done pax!

Playlist: The 1-9-7-3 playlist was as follows:

  1. Superstitious, Stevie Wonder
  2. Do it Again, Steely Dan
  3. Frankenstein, Edgar Winter Group
  4. Dueling Banjos, Eric Weissburg
  5. Live and Let Die, Wings
  6. Bad, Bad, LeRoy Brown, Jim Croce
  7. Come on Feel the Noize, Slade
  8. Delta Dawn, Helen Reddy
  9. Half-breed, Cher
  10. Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed
  11. Angie, Rolling Stones
  12. We’re an American Band, Grand Funk Railroad
  13. Funky Worm, The Ohio Players


  1. SUP and Run May 25th
  2. Veteran’s Walk May 25th
  3. St Pete F3 Launch June 1st

Prayer Requests / Praises:

  1. Graduates and their future
  2. Thor and family from out-of-town
  3. 1st Responders

Great job to all pax, ya’ll made a tough gloom fun, and a birthday celebration to remember. YHC couldn’t be happier bringing in a new year with such great guys.

“To do what others cannot, do what others will not.”