Run the Hot Pepper

18 for a Chilipepper beat down.

Mozy with butt kickers, high knees. Side shuffle.  Then SSH, windmills, strawberry pickers and monkey humpers.  JD lead us in some old man back stretches.

Mozy with paver overhead, alternating arms.  We then circled up:

  • 30 x Full paver lunges, lung pass the paver under your leg, repeat, etc.
  • Jail Break with paver to top of pavilion and down.
  • We did paver squats to the tune of Sally up.
  • Jail Break, no paver to top of pavilion and down.
  • 5 x Sand Sprints, sprinted in pairs in sand, mozy back to starting line.

Chilipepper beat down cold not go without burpees, one round of thunderstruck.

Extra credit!  We had a few minutes so we did one arm curls.

  • 3 normal sets
  • 3 sets at 4 count (4 count up, 4 count down)
  • 3 sets at 10 count (10 count up, 10 count down)

Welcome Coop and Thor!