Jail Break at the Tower!

Weather – a glorious mid-70 morning this gloom. We have been blessed with some amazing weather this week.

YHC received a text in the evening from the scheduled Q that he was stranded in an airport in Charlotte, NC and would I be able to cover his Q.  YHC never passes up the opportunity to Q this great group of HIM, and at THIS AO!!  The Stairway to Heaven awaited us, especially with having some guests in town from the greater Chicagoland area.  Disclaimer was shared and off we went on a mosi with butt kickers, high knees and carioca x2 with the mosi ending at the base of the tower.

COP included:

  • SSH x25IC
  • Windmills x10IC
  • Strawberry Pickers x10IC
  • Imperial Walkers x10IC
  • Mountain Climbers x10IC
  • Plank variations (left arm, right arm and 6-inches)

The Thang: With guests upon us, it is required that the Q integrate the tower at least once in the beatdown, and tower we did. There are 5 landings in the stairwell, including the top.  Starting at the bottom, the pax did 3 exercises, starting with 10 reps, adding 5 reps at each landing.  The top landing ended with 35 reps of each exercise.  The escalating exercise on the climb were Merkins, Monkey Humpers and LBCs.

Once at the top of the tower, the pax lined up along the wall for peoples chair while.  Each Pax, in order, would bear crawl the length of the tower landing and back and return to peoples chair position.  This was held until all pax completed their bear crawl.

On the descend, the following exercises were done: Moroccan Night Clubs, Flutter Kicks and Sumo Squats, starting with 35 reps each and declining by 5 at each landing.

Once the 6 arrived at the bottom of the tower, YHC yelled JAIL BREAK and it was time to sprint to the top of the tower as fast as you could with a easy run on the descend.

With only 4 minutes remaining, the pax circled up for a round of mary including Captain Thor and Freddy Mercuries.

Moleskin:  With the them of being present, YHC encouraged the pax to think about the impression they are making on their 2.o’s or Ms when you are in their presence.  Are you truly being present?  What kind of memories do you have when you spent time with your father? Do any of those memories include them being majorly distracted and not paying attention?  Be present and be a part of their lives.


  • Races coming up
  • Operation Sweet Tooth school supply drive – bring supplies!
  • Welcome to the 2 FNGs (The Fridge and Tatonka)


  • James and his cancer
  • Traveling pax and a safe return
  • Injured Pax

Always an honor to lead!

Bing Out!!

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  1. It was an honor to get to work out with several warriors this morning. It was my first time participating and am looking forward to the next one – that is after I recoup!

    • Take two Tylenol and see you in the gloom!! Great job today and look forward to seeing you again very soon!

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