Slice of Humble Pie

6 SunCoasters and 1 visitor came out to play in a new sandbox the visitor is from the Chicago area.

I just want to start off by saying how proud I am of the pax members this AM.  We pushed hard today 2.6 miles of mosey that’s more than some have run in decades.    And most of the run was up the bridge.  What a way to start our day plus we ran past Elastigirl (FIA from celery fields).   TopCut made the cut as he joined us for our first round so technically speaking he is not a LIFO.

The Thang

We circled up to go over my F3 ground rules:

  1. BE HERE NOW= focus on the mission
  3. NEVER QUIT keep moving, GOD loves to hit moving targets


Ran to  LOVE bridge for some team work that means you were running or crawling to the top.

Round 1

1st man runs past 5 light post and back

2nd man does polar bear crawls to they meet at the top.

Round 2

1st man runs to the next point with the shovel flag and completes 25 merkins

2nd man lunges to the top

Round 3

1st man runs to the next point on the bridge and completes 30 Lbcs and run back

2nd jumps to the top

Round 4

1st man runs to the top and completes 40 2 count flutter kicks

2nd man side shuffles to the top.

Round 5

1 man runs to the top

2nd  I  can’t remember what he did

At this point we ran over the bridge and now its time to run back!!!

The pax lined up single file to do Indian Run/halt for merkins or flutter kicks or LBCs

We made sure to keep the pax in a tight line.

Final push was 100 yards or more all out sprint back to the flag!!!

BOOM great work this AM!!!


What a blessing it was to run with the shovel flag over the bridge we all had our time to run with the flag, hearing peeping horns and chants from cars passing by yelling USA.

I think people want to feel good about being Americans again and today we gave them a reason to express their love for our great country.

Big shout out to FIB he crushed the AO by ending with a 4.3 100 yard time.  I don’t think my car would have beat him back to the flag.   Have fun on your family this week FIB and thanks for showing up big time.

Announcements: Next week meet at the kissing statue instead of where we met this AM.

Back to school supplies due Aug 14th.


As always we did more at the AO but I can’t remember what I am missing so PAX fill in the blanks on details of the AO.

Be Super today!!!!