30 and Counting

On another hot and humid Florida morning the PAX started showing up some coming in Hot , others coming back from a Pre-Run to Warm Up.

After a quick disclaimer and Core Values we headed out for a Mosy twice around the parking lot doing some Butt kickers, Karaokes and a final sprint around the final turn to our starting spot

We circled up and did 30 SSH’s and 30 Moroccan NC’s after which YHC declared that it was his 30 Anniversary in Telecom and in honor of that all exercises and runs would be in 30’s.

A lot of things have changed in 30 years




We headed off to the basketball court for the morning work out, which by the way happen to be “about 30 yards long”.

The directions were 30 reps of each exercise at the base line run the length of the first court due 30 more reps then run to full length of the second for the final 30 before running the length of both court back to the starting point.

The first exercises was Reverse Crunches then Merkins then Big Boy Sit up then Shoulder Taps then flutters finally CDD’s.

Once this set of exercises were done we did 2 exercises in 30 second blocks followed by running the length of the court and back.

First 2 exercises were SSH’s and High Knees then Bobby Hurley and Tree Hugger Squats and then 2 other exercises that I can not remember.. 🙂   rinse and repeat the 30 second exercises….

We jogged back over to the starting point where we circled up for a quick round of Mary including Burpees, American Hammers and Leg Lifts.

Announcement reminding everyone of the visit this Sat of F3 Lutz, School Supply Drive and the upcoming races.

Prayer requests for our recovering PAX and Jimmy Dean’s friend Pam recovering from Heart Surgery.