The Sarasota bay triangle

3 Sarasota bay regulars showed up this morning with dead fish smell in the air but with determination in our minds to FUN RUN the bridge.

The Thang

We wasted no time to mosey to the bridge to start our FUN RUN.

1 run to each lamp post drop and do 5 merkins than run to the next for 5 posts.

2. run plus 10 LBCs

3. run plus 15 squat jumps

4. run past 2 post and do 10 Carolina dry docks

5. run plus 10 dips

6. run plus 10 American hammers

than run 25 merkins 25 LBCs and 25 squat jumps

We were able to run over the bridge and back with the above FUN RUN.

Last was run plus a sprint back to the flag!!!


The mumble chatter was heavy today as the three of us had a chance to share stories. passions and our kids going back to school.

Thanks for giving me the chance to lead Bing.

Announcements: runs and events are coming up so look for them in the BB.

Stay Strong and Mosey ON

Later fallas