3-Ways on Valentine’s Day

Weather: 75 and sunny (but since this technically isn’t a workout, we were inside)

We had 9 HIMs who figured out a way to take an extended lunch and celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best way possible, by ditching our Ms and hanging out with other members of the pax at the newly-opened Skyline Chili in Lakewood Ranch. YHC is a 25-year veteran of Skyline, dating back to the first days after he hit the University of Cincinnati’s campus. The rest of the pax, not so much. The pax were a little confused at first at the relatively low prices of 3-ways, 4-ways and 5-ways, which required YHC to explain that those were options for what you want on your chili, not the 3-ways, 4-ways and 5-ways that they’ve previously gotten in Vegas (or Pahrump, if they wanted to stay totally above board with the law). With that detail out of the way, the pax made their selections, and our waitress was kind enough to take a picture while we waited.

Topics of conversation included chili, the new Fort Hamer Bridge AO, the Bridge a Life 5K coming up on Saturday, kids at Thor’s school getting way too much vacation time, and YHC explaining the nuances of Section 457 plans to Ripken. As much as we all like Rowdy, it might have been best that he missed it because the topic of lube would have inevitably come up and gotten us all kicked out and permanently banned from the place.

Everybody seemed to enjoy their food, and props to the Skyline crew for putting up with us and giving us the traditional Skyline nightcap (the York peppermint patty) at no charge, along with coupons for a free cheese coney on our next visit.

Finally, prayers up to all on Ripken’s flight to Colorado tonight. To make him feel bad, here’s a picture of his waitress putting a bib on him (no clue on why both of them seem to be enjoying it so much, but thanks to Bing for capturing the moment and making sure I had it to post here).

Manziel out (to the bathroom).

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