19 on a Friday!!!?

Conditions great morning, 58 degrees and clear

Mozi   We ran one lap around bridges with the regular stuff… Nur, high knees,butt kickers, kerioke

Warm up SSHops, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Strawberry Pickers and Bad Back Stretches!

FNG Tower Run

Of coarse with any FNG in attendance a Jailbreak run to the top is required!  Soooo, up and down we went.

Finally the  Thang

We started with a San Francisco which I created in LA.  “Ask Bing if you want an explanation on that…

The San Francisco includes:

20 leg lifts, 20 big boy sit ups, 20 lbcs

then 10 of each

and finally 5 of each

each set requires 3 walking Merkins in between the set.

Its a great core beatdown

Next! We engaged in a Dora that included a run from the base of the Finnish tower up to the gate where we performed 10 air squats and back down to take over the following exercises.

100 Burpees

100 Merkins

200 air squats

200 lbcs


We headed to deck 2 on the tower and counted off 19/20 people… actually 19.

We named the FNGs  Baron and Noonan. Welcome!

Anouncments included the 5k hero run and the upcoming tri!


For all our Pax, Military and First Responders.

I am sorry if I forgot any part of the COT.

Thanks for letting me be part of this great group!

Bing, Thanks for bringing F3 to the Suncoast!


“ Glad to be here”  JimmyDean