BurpBack Mountain

Weather: 48 and WINDY

The Pax arrived early and were eager to start…well, mostly early..Papa Smurf came in hot with a warning that he might be late.

Being inspired by a Flashdance Q at the bridge a while back, it was time to head towards the base of the bridge for some fun!  More to come.

Stopping along the way to the Ringling Bridge, we circled up for a round of SSH x20 IC, Windmills x10 IC and Imperial Walkers x10IC, and it was too cold/windy to stand still so we continued the mosey to the lot just before the bridge.  This is where the inspiration from Flashdance was played out.  The lot is a fair bit lower than the bridge at this time, and it BEGS for rounds of BURPBack Mountain.  NO, this has NOTHING to do with the movie, just the fact that you partner up.  Partner #1 runs up the steep incline 5x, BACKWARDS, always facing your partner while Partner 2 does Burpees AMRAP.  Once Partner 1 completes 5 runs up the hill, flip flop. Rinse and repeat until 100 burpees are completed. There was lots of moaning and complaining, but it was ONLY the beginning.

Once completed, it was time to hit the bridge for some incline repeats.  After a bit of hill running coaching (shorter strides, use arms, lean forward), it was time to run incline repeats.  The attempt was to complete 4 repeats, running to the crest of the bridge and returning to the bottom, but it was apparent that there wouldn’t be enough time to finish and return to the parking lot, so after 2 repeats, we collected the six and performed an Indian Run all the way back to the starting point, ending with a strong push through the parking lot.  Was that bacon we smelled along the way back? Sure beats the smell of red tide from earlier this year.

With 3 minutes remaining, a short round of mary was executed, including LBCs, Leg Lifts and Merkins.


  • The pax just completed roughly 5k during this beatdown, so yes, sign up for the Bridgealife.com 5k on 2/16
  • Newsletter coming out soon.
  • Campout this weekend at Lakewood Campground – see Condenser
  • VQ at Celery Fields on Saturday – X-Ray


  • Prayers for Clutch as he takes a number of Youth on a skiing trip to the Carolinas
  • First Responders
  • Pax deeply immersed into the fartsack or injured
  • Other prayers mentioned
  • Praise to the Pax for stepping up and making this AO successful.  What was once nearly on life support, a few weeks of 7 or more attending has been a great site to see.

A great round of Starbuckian fellowship took place immediately following the beatdown with great conversations all around.

It’s been great to meet and lock shields with some of our newer Pax members including the following:

  • Puck dude can turn on the pace running when he wants…and you make me feel old my friend!
  • Mopar, a trooper fighting through all of those Burpees this morning.  Also, loved overhearing his conversation about Jesus coming into his life and look forward to hearing more about this!.
  • Slater – you have come a long way and yes, it is truly noticeable!! Also love your passion for Sky Q, especially during COT.
  • Clutch – glad to see you recovered well from Ragnar…did you sign up again?  We might need to change your nickname to Grille Master!
  • Coop – Thanks for coming out, even with the painful buttock..I mean sciatica!  Hope it wasn’t so bad afterwards.
  • Papa Smurf – the one liners are always welcome and loved…and the Piggly Wiggly shirt!  Thanks for all you do for F3!

Always an honor to lead such a great group of men.

~Bing Out!