On a 60 degrees and “pea-soup” kind of morning, the Penta-pax hit it hard at the EchoChamber.

Ice Man rolled in late with his eerie red bicycle light cutting through the total darkness, we mozy’d and prepped for an epic beatdown. (I had to type this with my nose, couldn’t lift my arms.)

The appetizer consisted of Side Straddle Hops, Moroccan night clubs, Cross Jacks, Toy Soldiers and one Windmill.  After Mr. Clean’s workout, I promised to only do one.

With a focus on evolving our triceps into the beasts they should be, the first course was a run to the road with 10 Merkins at the bumps there and 10 dips at the bumps coming home.  Sniper pushed the pace.

Second course was served “Tri” ways: Crawlbear from the center circle to a far circle with a Merkins every other step.  Upon arrival, 5 Getups were performed.  Back to center, repeat.  Two rounds.

Next was Bearcrawl, with Diamond Merkins during and Toe-Toucher Thingies at the circles. Two rounds. Six Pack reminded us of why it is called the EchoChamber.

Last (but not really last) was Crab Walks with dips during and Carolina Dry Docks at the circles.  Two rounds.

Just when the Pax thought their shoulders couldn’t handle any more we did 3 minutes of Moroccan Night Clubs, Arm Flutters and Swimmers…all on one leg.  Piece of cake.

Prayers for Franklin, a homeless man looking for his way, Mr. Clean’s mom, Ripken’s father-in-law with prostate cancer, Pax still in the fartsack and remembering what Christmas is all about.  Livin’ the dream and helping other do the same.