10 for miles of smiles

Weather: 71 and great

Pax: Ricky Bobby, ShamWow, Mr Clean, Bing, Goob, Crabcakes, Deep Dish, Lambeau, Chili Pepper, Sir Wallace

Routes were determined and the pax set off for varying distances. Kudos to those setting PRs and pushing themselves entirely out of their comfort zone. 5.3 miles for Lambeau, Ricky Bobby embracing the pain on his second post, ShamWow finding speed he never knew he had, and Crabcakes, Deep Dish and Goob taking off fast and apparently getting attacked by what is possibly the slowest and dumbest animal.

All in all, a great gloom.


  • Need Salvation Army party Q
  • Ronald McDonald house on 12/17
  • Thanksgiving convergence?
  • Sign up for Qs


  • Chili and his retreat and then travel
  • Deep dish travel
  • Pax dealing with inner Demons

Reach out to those you haven’t seen in a while. Lean in my friends.

Always an honor.

~Bing Out