West S[tr]ide Story

Weather – perfect with mid-50s and low dew point. All fartsackers missed-out.

Pre-Run — since it was a perfect morning for a 3-mile pre-run, YHC and Big Mac set out on a quick loop. We chatted about everything from running to running. Well, it was pretty much a one-sided conversation as Big Mac was chest-heaving the final 1.5-miles, eventually falling to his knees as we reached the school parking lot. In typical Big Mac fashion, never  has anyone been so joyful and thankful to have been destroyed. Big Mac still had enough gas in the tank to engage in some turf warfare.

Upon return, the pax were few in number. Rumor was that YHC scared folks away with FB posts that depicted a shark swallowing a jet and a reference to West STRIDE Story. Oh well, in YHC’s world, the fewer the better when it comes to tough workouts, especially beatdowns that involve sledgehammers and gang violence. Win-win.

Welcome — Promptly at 0515, YHC recited the 5 core principles and away we went for a half-mile Mosey out to the main road. The only difference from a usual Mosey is that we passed a sledgehammer from pax-to-pax as we journeyed. There would be good use of the sledgehammer later in the beatdown. As we returned to the parking lot we all circled-up for a quick Circle of Pain.


  • SSH x25IC
  • Mt Climbers x15IC
  • Cherry/Strawberry Pickers x15IC
  • Get-ups x10 on your own

The Thang: The beatdown was orchestrated in the vein of the famous musical, West Side Story. In the story, two rival NYC gangs (Sharks vs. Jets) battle it out with dance moves as they protect their turf. Maria, the sister of one of the gang’s leaders, falls in love with the rival gang leader. Conflict ensues. In spiritual things, as in West Side Story, protection of turf is of utmost importance. As we “sharpen iron,” we must be quick to utilize our well-constructed weaponry to not only protect our turf, but to expand it. If we simply collect weapons for display, what use are we to the Kingdom of God? We have spiritual armor for a purpose — to use it!

We split-up into two teams, Sharks and Jets. The idea was to engage in a turf battle. On YHC’s count, the Sharks ran toward the East and the Jets toward the West (from the same starting line), and met on the opposite side of the parking lot track where a “dance off” ensued. As each member of the rival gangs encountered an un-engaged member of the opposing gang, the two were to “dance off” to the exercises YHC prescribed for each round. After completing the exercises, each gang member was then to run back to the starting line. The gang with the last member to return to the start line was designated “Maria duty”.

Paying tribute to Natalie Wood, the original actress who played Maria, Maria duty involved using the sledgehammer as a pseudo axe and mimicking the chopping down of a tree (i.e., Wood) on the far-side of the parking lot. The only rule was that the tree could not actually be hit, but the swinging motion of the axe had to be legit. This served as a nice break from the turf warfare action, and a reasonable way to work and strengthen the core.

Once all pax made it back to the start line, one additional exercise was conducted in cadence and then we quickly transitioned to the next lap and exercises. Rinse & Repeat. Two complete cycles were completed.

The rounds, exercises and reps/time were as follows:

  1. A) LBCx (x20), B) American Hammers (x20, individual count)
    1. Capt Thors (x4, IC)
  2. A) Merkins (x20), B) Shoulder Taps (x20, individual count)
    1. Plank (90sec)
  3. A) CDD (x20), B) Overhead Claps (x20)
    1. Moroccan Night Clubs (x25, IC)
  4. A) Sumo Squat (x20), B) Calf Raises (x20)
    1. Lunge (20, individual count)
  5. A) Burpees (x5), B) Get-ups (x5)
    1. Body Builders (x5)

We all survived the West S[tr]ide Story beatdown. The Pax circled-up for Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama at exactly 0600.

Moleskin —  The West S[tr]ide Story beatdown tested our ability to stand our ground when adversity came against us. We are commanded to expand our territory, not to just maintain it! In order to expand, we have to do battle against enemy forces. We are equipped with the tools of battle, but we must use them as designed. There is a danger in iron sharpening iron only to create neat little show pieces to put on display.

Additionally, we not only have a battle to fight, we someone to fight for. Maria represented our families and friends and others near and dear to us. We have the mandate to protect what God has entrusted to us. Maria served as a reminder that we have something worth fighting for.


  • Races coming up (Superhero 5k, Feb 16 at NBP)
  • Homeless Outreach (more details to follow)


  • Safety for police and first responders
  • Goob is in the middle of a job search
  • 6pack has friends in need of moving help

Peace Out –I’m thankful for the chance to Q and for the honor of leading with my F3 brothers.


“To do what others can not, be willing to do what others will not.”