16 pax, Condenser at the Q

visualize, ARTICULATE, persuade and exhort… these are the four skills a leader must APPLY to be effective. Much more of that here:

Men, we must APPLY these skills. Many of us HAVE THE SKILL to articulate, BUT WE FAIL TO DO SO. This is where you have a great opportunity, nay, obligation to lead workouts. FILL THE spread SHEETS! Not just the bed sheets. enough said.


Started out with the Mission statement,

Core Values:


Opening myself up more than the norm. Leading a workout – NOT A BIG DEAL.

Asking to be criticized and exhorted…

So after a pretty standard warmup circle of imperial walkers, hillbilly walker, toy soldiers, SSH’s and a mosey….

We took on the good stuff… I’d like to take the time to thank @Goob for yielding to me this opportunity and NOW…


Introduction to the Doracide. An all-too-familiar routine of a Dora with a twist (thank you https://f3nation.com/exicon/).

Working the body top-down the exercises were 100 Merkins or Drydocks, 200 Big Boy situps (or LBC’s at ½ count each), 300 squats or lunges. For the run portion: 3 cones were setup, in progression, to create a short distance in suicide track. The run action was to sprint to the first cone, do 1 burpee, run back, sprint to the second cone, do two burpees, run back, sprint to the third cone, do 3 burpees, run back and tag out. As an alternate to the suicide, pax could choose to run three half-flights of stairs.

This is was a great beatdown routine. Pax enjoyed the variance on the traditional and appreciated the alternate movement and run options. I could tell this because they were all smiles at the completion.

We all learned, painfully, from my next mistake. Asking Steel for a 30 count, he thought I meant 30 exercises to which he picked merkins. Clarityis an important thing.

A round of Mary with a jail break to the top for COT.

Prayers for Bing’s vision, Red Card’s speedy recovery and Trump’s wisdom in discernment.





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