’twas a day for PR’s n i don’t mean Puerto Ricans!

weather: 77 and humid. wonderful conditions for the work at hand.

QIC: Rowdy

PIA: CottonTail, Sham WOW, Lambeau, Deep Dish, GOOB, BING!, Crab Cakes n Rowdy

What went down: You’d know if you’d showed but…BING!, GOOB, Deep Dish n Crab Cakes went out for the long haul achieving 6+ miles with an impressive 7:55 pace with rumors of a sub 7 mile for Deep Dish and low 7 miles for all! Nice work gents, y’all so fast!!

-Lambeau did a 5k that included his longest steady run! Impressive!

-CottonTail got 6 bridge repeats done! 6, quick like rabbit!

– Sham WOW knocked out 2 bridge repeats and rocked the parking lot!

– Rowdy set his PR for his self titled bridge workout “the rowdy” with his best time and                                    5 extra burpees. 4.35miles, 55 burpees, 100 murkins (4 repeats).

All in all a victorious morning! Maybe next time you’ll be there!

Rowdy out. F3. Respect