no matter how i try still no fatalities!

Weather (for those that showed): 78, muggy!

QIC: Rowdy

PIA: Lancelot, Dasani, Train, Props, Brutus, Clutch, Steel, Goob, BIG mac, Ace, Rowdy

5:15am: 5 core principals

5:16am: Dynamic Stretching (10 arm circles each direction, 10 Michael Phelps, 10 Agitators)

5:20am: Warm up mozy with 3 stops for some Big Sexy! (IK-10 Pickle Pointers, 10 Monkey Humpers, 10 Pickle Pounders)

5:30am: To the Tower! Since we couldn’t make it 2 levels on 11 last time I was here we did 7 today! Ground floor 6 Murkins-Jailbreak-1 Carolina Dry Dock repeat through to 1Murkin-Jailbreak-6 Carolina Dry Docks. Plenty of time for another round! 2nd floor 6 Morocan Night Clubs-Jailbreak-1 Diamond Murkin repeat through to 1 Morocan-Jailbreak-6 Diamonds! Enough time left for…Jailbreak for Core Circle of 15 Big Boy Sit Ups, 5 All Mighty Thors, 20 Freddie Mercuries, 20 Flutter Kicks n Heels to Heaven for the last minute. 82 floors! 1.96 miles stairs running! 0 fatalities! Hardest part of OUR day done by 6am!

6am: COT


Praise Reports- Props n wife had a successful trip to Charlotte to look at some property, his herniaS! are getting better. Rowdies first mission trip resulted in 2 homes rebuilt and 3 salvations!

Prayer Requests- Charolotte F3 group refind their way to camaraderie n brotherhood, Ace’s M Rebekah for healing and rejuvenation as she begins therapy, Ace for strength and compassion on this journey with Rebekah, healing for Rowdies earthly father, peace for Rowdies mother and himself while care giving in a difficult situation, all Military over seas and at home, all 1st Responders with special prayers to our 3 heroes Sniper, Zeus n Hercules. Amen

Anything or anyone I forgot I swear it wasn’t intentional. Rowdy out. F3. Respect.