TTs and Ply-no

If you’re like me, you prefer TTs with beer, but that’s another song.

This Friday NBP beatdown was forewarned to the pax, and they still showed up in mass, 22 in all, to find out what their best time for a 1 mile time trial would be.  We led off with a rendition of the 5 core principal, restatement of the F3 mission statement and a scripture reference that Ripken totally botched.

We mozied to the back of the tower, where Ripken finally remember the scripture, Matthew 6:34, which basically says, “don’t worry, be happy” but in a more poetic form.

Here are the times.

Big Mac 6:07
Boulder 6:10
Bullseye 9:11
Chili Pepper 7:10
Clutch 7:11
Coop 8:02
Dasani 6:55
Eye Spy 9:06
Gridlock 5:32
Lancelot 6:49
Lonestar 8:15
Mopar 7:14
Mr. Clean 7:56
Ripken 6:34
Shamwow 17:00
Sir Wallace 7:59
Stagecoach 7:34
Steel 7:21
Trane 9:53
Trump 6:53
Wilson 9:07
Wolverine 8:12

It was great to see the pax sprint to the line and then cheer on their compatriots to finish strong.

Following the TT, we headed to the grass steps where a series of timed partner exercises were dealt.  One partner did the exercise, while the other jumped up one flight of stairs.  The goal was to destroy our legs with extra Plyo.  When the jumping partner returned, the exercising partner headed to the stairs.

Each exercise series lasted 5 minutes:  Dirkins, Log Jumps/Broad Jumps, Irkins, Big Boys and Plyo Irkins.

Jailbreak was called and a round of Mary’s ensued on the Sky Q Deck.

It was noted that God is always with us during these workouts.  I never pictured Jesus as a HIIT workout guy, but I’m sure he could hold his own in a Ragnar.  Prayers for Ripken’s father-in-law, Dasani’s family, first responders and nagging injuries.

We’ll try to hold the TT once a quarter so we can see our times improve more regularly.  It might be nice to other timed events to measure other fitness levels too.  Getting old is for old people, not for us cool, fit, studly, magnanimous, beefed, vein-poppin’ F3 dudes.

Ripken out.