When there are 2 but not a Q.

Temperature 77.  Snapshot and Zima.

Mosey to east parking lot.  Ssh, nightclubs, strawberries and lbc for 20 of each.

Round of 11’s.  10 merkins, mosey to end of the parking lot for 1 lbc.

We the did four rounds of triangles.  First 20 squats, mosey to second point, 20 nightclubs, mosey to third point, 20 Freddie Mercury’s. Finishing 80 of each excercises.

We still had about 15 minutes so we took a lap around the hill at a quick walking pace.

Just a reminder that where two or more gather, God is always with them.  He was there today and worked through out beatdown.

Lions Roar: 2

Snapshot ?