Music City Mayhem


The morning began with welcoming a FNG, soon to become Prompter, and reading the disclaimer and core principles. This workout was a “recreation” of a work out I attended while in Nashville.

FNG – Disclaimer

We are a peer led non-for profit group that uses public property for its work outs.

No one is a professional and everyone should work out to their own ability and comfort level.

Please modify as necessary as to not get hurt.

5 core principles

Free of charge

Open to all Men

Held outdoors, rain or shine, cold or hot

Rotation of leaders

Ends in a circle of Trust

This workout was a “recreation” of a work out I attended while in Nashville.

Mosy down Greenbrook and perform 10 Merkins at the corner. Continue mosy down school entrance while doing Butt Kickers, High Knees and Karaoke’s to the path intersection where we all did 10 more merkins. 70% job from intersection back to starting point.

Circled up on the field and performed

25 Side Straddle Hops

20 Squats

25 Imperial Walkers

25 Windmills

Counted off and partnered up and headed to West End of field and walked back to East end checking for Red ant piles (this would come in handy later).

As one member runs back and forth from one end of field to the other member did work outs and they switched and the team performed

100 Burpees

100 Butterfly Sit Ups

200 Monkey Humpers

We all lined up on the East end of field and bear crawled half way and did lunges the remaining distance. Tracking who was first getting to the far end.

Once on the far end we did

50 Merkins each

Ripken was first and was asked to pick between less than, greater than or equal to… he choose greater than… asked his age (47) every “greater than 47” had to do 25 more Merkins while every under 47 had to do 25 LBC’s.

We than went backwards to the East end of the field doing “Crawl Bears” and Backwards Lunges. Once back we circled up around the flags to do 2 sets of 25 SSH’s. At this point the Q was “wiped out” and struggled to just do the cadence but we completed 50 SSH’s.

With more time left we headed back to the East End to do a round of 11 with Plank Jacks on one end and Shoulder Taps on the other end.  We circled up one more time and did 10 Heels to Heaven and 20 Freddy Mercuries.

There were multiple prayers requests and a praise for the toy drive and reminder of the 11am meeting time to bring the toys to John Hopkins Children’s Hospital. F3