A cool and breezy (not) workout

4937DB35-F7F4-4C31-84A7-60B392366282 12 showed up for a nice 63 degree start for Clearwater F3, led by Tar Heel and Spicy Chicken Latte. The Pax took a brief mozy to the ‘place’ where the action happens. Following the introduction and covering the F3 Principles and Disclaimer, the Pax started with a few stretching and warm-up exercises. 20x …

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Tar Heel brings it!!

Name-a-rama – https://share.icloud.com/photos/0F2h7wnv0QYlMZwgiVOxrkmaA The Clearwater Pax had a terrific showing on Saturday! We had a total of 17 show up, with 5 FNGs. Tar Heel led as Q for his first time. We started with introduction, disclaimer and F3 Principles, and then circled up for a round of warm ups. Once warm-ups concluded, we took …

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