Sprint for the PR

Nice change for the Cycling PAX today, weather a little bit cooler and some sunlight was to be seen.

Snipper and Cotton Tail got the early miles prior to the the usual 0600 launch. We did the customary COT, prior to launch and off we went.

We ¬†maintaining a moderate 20-21 pace all the way down to Fruitville and back to Lakewood Blvd. Stop lights in the way…hmmm sorry about that Cotton Tail. ?

Once we hit Lakewood towards the concessions, it was time for a Pincher push, some of you know what that means all too well. So YHC suggested a quick 30-60 sec pull at a faster rate, then drop back so we could keep the pace higher. This lead to some separation but one heck of a push. We should do this more often IMO, felt great to push it so hard.

At the end a few headed directly home while some others meet back at WaWa, to be sure all got back safely. Until next week, thanks for helping me become a better man! Pincher out.