Shenanigans on the ride

Pax: Ripken, Sniper, Bing, Brutus, Marvel

Weather: 73 and gloomy at the start

Ripken, Sniper and YHC arrived at 5:30a to turn in some early miles and arrived back at Wawa to find two smiling pax, with one hoping to see another mountain bike rider, but have no fear, fun was still had.

Off we went on a new route, intended to keep the pack together a bit more and to allow Sniper an early exit, heading down towards Hidden Valley Road instead of the usual Lorraine to Fruitville route.  At roughly 6:15, it was time to escort Sniper back to Wawa and a quick detour to honor or fallen cycling leader, was time for some Monkey Humpers on the Ring Camera.  Click the link below to enjoy a full video replay of such event.


We mounted back up and spent the remaining 35 minutes heading down Lorraine, circling back to pick up the six when needed.  Miles varied between 18 to 30 miles for the earlier crew.

Another great morning in the saddle.  Brutus, glad you joined us and yes, there will be other mountain bikers to join  you in the future.  Apparently Trump and Manziel had the case of the fartsacks this gloom.  Or Trump had to spend the extra time fixing his hair for his big interview with WWSB-ABC7.


  • Speedy recovery for those injured, including our riders Jimmy Dean and Pincher
  • Praise for the news of Chili Peppers M on her way back from Chile.  Prayers for safe travel and for a clean house upon her return