Pumped up! Rucked Up!

Here we go on a Friday morning, welcome to NBP and the Gloom!! It is a perfect 67 degrees outside and the humidity will lend to to the sweat we are going to earn this morning. I do not get in a full pre run this morning instead I set the rucks and necessary other items in place for the beatdown. I do run few laps around the lower tower area to get the breathing and lungs opened up and the heartbeat raised. Alright, Let’s do this!

Opening Ceremony: 0515 and we are ready to go. We have no FNGs or PAX from out of town. We go over what will take place today briefly, and I hold off on the Five core principles till the end of the beatdown. I do cover the usual disclaimers, Safety First!

COP: We circle up and stretch after to get ankles, hamstrings, lower back, triceps, biceps, back and chest ready for activities. Now we double time down and around toward the tower where we circle up again and I go over PT commands and process. We do SSH and Windmills. Double time the the rest of the way down around the tower and out to the parking lot in front and circle up again.

The Thang: We count off to split the PAX into two teams so we can utilize the rucks. I explain I have 2 Rucks each with 20 Lbs of weight in them. This morning we are doing a team Dora and the runner will ruck up with the weighted ruck for the cardio in the beatdown by running up to the top of Sniper Hill and performing the exercise with the ruck that corresponds to their team number either 1 or 2.

The remaining PAX member will perform the exercises assigned until the runner returns at which time the rucks is passed on to a new PAX member. While the new runner heads out the remaining PAX perform the next exercise until the runner returns and when he returns the ruck is passed, the runner heads out and the remaining team move to the next exercise. This is done until all team members complete a ruck run and then the teams switch sides because the exercises for the team and the runner are different on each side. So the only count for an exercise is 10 and it is for the runner at the top of Sniper Hill. The rest keep going until the runner returns or you pass out. AROO!

Team 1 begins with these exercises:

  1. Side Straddle Hops
  2. Hello Dolly (conversation starter this one)
  3. Bulgarian Ball Buster
  4. Mountain Climber

The runner has Hand Release Merkins with the ruck on.


Team 2 begins with these exercises:

  1. Lt Dan (I introduced these on very first Q and the PAX hasn’t forgiven me since)
  2. Scorpion Dry Docks
  3. Flutter Kicks
  4. Shoulder Taps

The runner has Sumo Squats with the ruck on.

From “My abs are smoked”and other mumble chatter taking place I know these guys DFQ and they put in the work. Sham Wow rucked up Sniper Hill twice as well and returned to a Hero’s welcome on his last ruck. What a great morning and start to the long weekend. Always fun and an honor to Q and lead this group of H.I.M. from the F3 Suncoast.


  • Grow Ruck is coming! Grow Ruck is coming! If you have question please reach out to me or Miyagi for answers
  • SuperHero 5K is coming up so please get in the race it is for a great cause.
  • The sledge hammer “Crush” has returned and has been passed on to Condenser. His goal is to lose 2 Lbs a week for the next couple of months in order to lose 20 Lbs in total. So check on him, and push him when he needs it.

Praises and Prayers:

  • Praises to the PAX for always supporting one another and answering the call when there is a need.
  • Prayers for Trane and Ripkens Ms and families
  • Prayers for all First Responders and Military and the families of all these folks who sacrifice so much everyday for the rest of us.

Thanks again everyone for coming out this morning and remember, “If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on getting what you get, Embrace the Suck!! AROO!

Coop out