Perfect Vision

  • Date: 12/28/19
  • AO: Adventure Park
  • QIC: Recall
  • PAX: Dash, Sparky, LG, Messi, Olympus, ShamWow, Bubbles, Chili Pepper, Stagecoach, Ripken, Pincher, Sully (FNG), Recall
  • Weather: 70-degrees and overcast

YHC kicked off the beat down with the 5-core principles and the disclaimer.  We commenced with a 1-lap Mosey around the parking lot, around the lake, and 1-lap around the cones in the field.  The Mosey featured High Knees, Butt Kickers, Carioca (x2), Side Shuffle (x2),and Toy Soldiers.  The PAX circled-up on the basketball court.

The Playlist (82 mins)

  • Take What You Want – Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osborne
  • Killing Me Slowly – Bad Wolves
  • You’ll Never Find Me – Korn
  • Legendary – Skillet
  • Wouldn’t You Rather – Alter Bridge
  • Breaking Down – I Prevail
  • Brother – Saul
  • MONSTERS – Shinedown
  • The Safety of Disbelief – Light the Torch
  • wonderful life – Bring Me The Horizon
  • You Never Know – Beartooth
  • The Violence – Asking Alexandria
  • Right Now – Fire From the Gods
  • Manifest – STARSET
  • The Hunted – Saint Asonia
  • BLURRY (out of place) – Crown the Empire
  • Heavy Is the Weight – Memphis May Fire
  • Dynamite – Any Given Sin
  • All Animal – Through Fire
  • Go to War – Nothing More
  • This is the Time (Ballast) – Nothing More


  • 25 SSH – IC
  • Quad and Hamstring Stretches – 2x
  • 10 Florida Strawberry Pickers – IC
  • 10 Merkins – IC – Plank Hold (15 sec) – Right Arm Up (15 sec) – Plank Hold (15 sec) – Right Arm Up (15 sec)
  • 20 Mountain Climbers – IC
  • Quad and Hamstring stretches – 2x
  • 30 Moroccan Nightclubs

The Thang

Challenge 1: 20-20

YHC guided the PAX to the field where 2 signs had been set-up, 50 yards apart.  Each sign had a list of 10 different exercises on it, for 20 exercises total.  YHC explained that the PAX would complete 20 reps of each exercise and then would sprint to the other sign.  Flapjack until all 20 exercises were completed.  Pick up the 6 or Plank until the 6 is in.

The exercises were as follows:

Challenge 2: Double Vision

Fill my eyes with that double vision.  No disguise for that double vision“.  YHC circled up the PAX on the basketball court.  YHC advised that we would be repeating the exercises that we executed on the 20-20 Challenge.  YHC explained that he would call out the exercise from his Weinke.  This time, however, PAX would take turns (moving clockwise) leading the Cadence for each exercise.  20 reps of each exercise would be completed.  Following each exercise, PAX would complete 20 SSH on their own.  Rinse and repeat until all 20 exercises were conquered.

  1. 20 LBCs – IC
  2. 20 Moroccan Nightclubs – IC
  3. 20 Merkins – IC
  4. 20 Imperial Walkers – IC
  5. 20 Mountain Climbers – IC
  6. 20 Peter Parkers – IC
  7. 20 Flutter Kicks – IC
  8. 20 Squats – IC
  9. 20 Overhead Claps – OYO
  10. 20 Calf Lifts – IC
  11. 20 Burpees – OYO
  12. 20 American Hammer – IC
  13. 20 Freddie Mercury – IC
  14. 20 Monkey Humpers – IC
  15. 20 Carolina Dry Docks – IC
  16. 20 Little Baby Arm Circles – IC
  17. 20 Jump Squats – IC
  18. 20 Parker Peters – IC
  19. 20 Plank Jacks – IC
  20. 20 Diamond Merkins – IC

With 1 minute remaining, YHC lined-up the PAX along the baseline of the basketball court where the team completed a Suicide sprint.  The PAX finished at 8:00AM on the dot.  Altogether, we completed over 1,000 reps of exercises and covered 2-miles of ground.  Good work, men!

The Moleskin

YHC asked that 2020 be a year of perfect vision for the PAX.  That our perfect vision would give clarity on how to best serve our communities, and others in need–inside and outside of F3.  YHC asked that our perfect vision guide us in our pursuit of being the very best husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, friends, and servant leaders that we can be.  YHC asked that this perfect vision be spread throughout our country, and across the globe.  YHC asked for our added acuity to spark dialogue, collaboration, cooperation, and peace across all of mankind.  YHC prayed that the 2020s bring cures to disease, to poverty, and to hunger.  YHC concluded by asking for perfect vision that allows us to see the individual path that is laid out for us by Sky Q, and that our added clarity will give us the courage to walk that path, bringing us all closer to Sky Q each day.


  • Adventure Park Convergence scheduled for 01/04
  • F3 Ruck Event scheduled for April – more details to come


  • Bubbles’ new baby!
  • ShamWow’s M who is recovering excellently from her surgery

Prayer Requests

  • Ripken’s M / Sully’s sister who is awaiting a biopsy – prayers for perfect test results, peace and healing.  Prayers for the entire family.
  • Train’s M who recently discovered a lump on her breast — prayers for perfect healing and peace.  Prayers for the entire family.
  • 8-Ball, Amazon and their families as they grieve the loss of loved ones
  • For those who are battling through nagging and major injuries — may they have speedy recoveries
  • For those going through the holidays alone, or who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one – may they be lifted up
  • For our Military and First Responders

Great job today, men!  Thanks for coming and enabling me to lead this morning’s Beat Down.