70F humid with overcast

start time 0700

Pax: Clutch, Snapshot, Diesel, Steel

”Q” Sir Wallace

Spoke on the 5 core principles and asked God to keep us healthy without injury today

Warm up:

Ran a few laps around parking lot with high knees, butt kickers, side shuffles and kners

circled up: performed single leg lunges, strawberry pickers, walkout pushups and jump squat


Full out sprint up the hill, arm circles, Moroccan nite clubs, air squats, (heard the lion roar: did burpees) and imperial walkers.

Jogged down to bottom and performed wide grip incline Merkins, sit pikes, tricep dips and static wall squat.

Sprinted back up the hill, repeated this routine 4 times.

Cool Down:

LBS’s, (lion roar burpees), Single leg lunges, flutter kicks

Circle of Trust: Prayed for guidance, gave praise to God.