Parking Garage Beatdown

Weather – felt slightly chilly!

It was another 3-amigo day at the Unconditional Surrender statue, but the three amigos took to the One Sarasota parking garage for an escalator style beatdown.  As we arrived at the entrance to the garage, we did a shortened COP that included some stretching, Mountain Climbers x15 IC and Merkins, 10 OYO.

The Thang:

At each turn of the parking garage, it was time to work the complete body.  Starting with 5 reps, escalating by 5 at each turn.  Overhead Claps, LBCs and Squats, with the increase stopping at 55 reps.  Solid work was done by all.

At the top of the garage, it was time to enjoy the cooler-ish temps with a quick round of 7s that included Rosalitas and Merkins.

The trip back down the parking garage started with 15x Carolina Dry Docks, Box Cutters and Monkey humpers, only at the elevator entrances, but then YHC realized we wouldn’t finish in time after 2 flights so it was a mad dash to the bottom level of the garage for the 3rd and final set, and yes, monkey humpers street side is always a treat.  Even more enjoyable than the 6-6 clearance in the garage for YHC who is 6-4+. That was a tad unnerving to say the least.

The three amigos then ended the beatdown with the short mosey back to the unconditional statue, right on time.

A long moment of silence was shared in remembrance of our brother in F3 Alpha (Alpharetta, GA), Darth Visor, who passed away at a workout earlier this week.


  • Gator Wilderness Retreat is coming in just over a week.
  • Guest Q at Adventure Park on 10/12 if not at Gator Wilderness – Don’t miss out. Reborn will deliver a great workout and message.
  • Farm Bureau Skeet Shooting event
  • Care2Tri 5k


  • Darth Visors Family and friends in mourning his loss.
  • Bing’s M and 2.0 so they don’t kill one another
  • Injured pax

It’s always an honor to lead such a great group of men!

Bing Out!