NBP Leg Day!

Weather: It was 71 with a waning crescent moon

The Parking lot kept filing up here at NBP, always a great sight to see on the weekday workouts!!

There was concern over the amount of notes YHC had with him.

Disclaimer and Core Principles were shared.

  • Complimentary (Free)
  • Outside rain/shine
  • Rotates with members taking the ‘Q’
  • Ends in Circle of Trust (COT)
  • Studs (Men Only)

Then it was off for a Mozi which included:

  1. -High Knees
  2. -Butt Kickers
  3. -Karaoke

Then a quick warmup as the Tower awaited us!!

Warmup included:

  1. SSH X 10
  2. Half SSH X12
  3. Strawberry Pickers X 10
  4. Imperial Walkers X 10

The Thang





To the Tower!!

This was called Paula Abdul:

It consists of:

We take–2 steps forward
We take–1 step back
We come together

The PAX were to run up 2 levels of stairs to a landing do an exercise and then come down 1, go back up 2, then back down 1 until we all made it up to the 6th level and back down.  The PAX wanted all 4 exercises at each landing to ramp up the workout. The 4 exercises were as follow

  • Al gore’s X 15
  • Half SSH X 15
  • LBCF’s X 15
  • Squats X 15

We wasted no time and got right into it, passing each other on the stairs as some headed up and others ere heading down, it was a fun but painful beatdown. There was little mumble chatter just a lot of heavy breathing and sweating!! In our walk with God we have to keep pressing forward like it says in Philippians 3:14–I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Keep Moving forward as we did today even after we took a step backwards.  Thank you for this Gift of F3 and the opportunity to Q!!!

  • Prayer request:

For Limelight’s injury to his knee

  • Announcements:

Sup and Run 5k is next weekend the 19th at Nathan Benderson Park, Encouraged to sign up only 59 spots left. Let’s get a great showing for this event!!