Mosey with Merkins

4 Men beat down the fart sack for a full body work over.

Mosey to the bridge

Mosey with a lunge

Mosey with  merkins

Start with lucky 11s on the hill to the side of the bridge.

1 jump squat 11 LBCs  to 11 jump squats and 1 LBC.

Indian people run to the top for 10 -25 incline merkins and American hammers.

We did a curb crawl to start this off.

Mosey for dips and decline merkins.

Mosey back to the flag in single file we ran

TO the right, left, backwards and forwards

Final sprint to the flag with clutch and Kotter race, this was close but Clutch downshifted at the end to hold on to win the race.

Clutch has deceptive  speed!!!!

COT we talked about bringing other men into our PAX and the importance of the brotherhood.

Look out for pre blast for upcoming events

True blessing to have led today, I think we were all stiff and sore from all the beatdowns this week.  This did not stop us we marched on through the night..

Be super today

Flashdance over and out!!







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